Reserve your whole or half hog today.

This year we have 9 Heritage American Guinea Hogs, which are known for their outstanding flavor (they are listed on the slow foods arc of taste – These guinea hogs are raised in forest and pasture and fed certified organic grain as well as produce scraps from the Bellingham Food Bank. The cost is $4.50 per pound hanging weight plus butcher fees (typically ~$1.10 per pound inclusive of smoking etc). Half pigs will be in the range of ~80 to 90 pounds hanging weight, providing you with a winter supply of ham, pork chops, bacon, sausage and many other delicious cuts.

Place a $100 deposit per half to guarantee you have a freezer full of happy healthy organic pork to get you through the holiday season. First pigs will go to the butcher in late September, with another batch going in October. Your order can then be picked up directly from Lynden Meats upon completion.