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    Pork Deposit


    Reserve your whole or half hog today.

    This year we have 9 Heritage American Guinea Hogs, which are known for their outstanding flavor (they are listed on the slow foods arc of taste – These guinea hogs are raised in forest and pasture and fed certified organic grain as well as produce scraps from the Bellingham Food Bank. The cost is $4.50 per pound hanging weight plus butcher fees (typically ~$1.10 per pound inclusive of smoking etc). Half pigs will be in the range of ~80 to 90 pounds hanging weight, providing you with a winter supply of ham, pork chops, bacon, sausage and many other delicious cuts. Place a $100 deposit per half to guarantee you have a freezer full of happy healthy organic pork to get you through the holiday season. First pigs will go to the butcher in late September, with another batch going in October. Your order can then be picked up directly from Lynden Meats upon completion.
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    Holiday Turkeys

    Our traditional broad-breasted turkeys are pasture-raised and fed a diet of organic grain and organically grown garden scraps. They free range on pasture and are moved to fresh pasture weekly. These turkeys are delicious and will make spending the holiday with your in-laws bearable. The cost is $6 per pound. These turkeys are only available by reservation and supplies are limited. We will sell out by September. Place a $20 per turkey deposit today to reserve yours. Turkeys will be frozen and available for pick up or delivery in late October and earliest November. Broad breasted turkeys will be between 14 and 24 pounds. Please indicate the ideal weight for your turkey. We will do our best to size your turkey to your specifications.
  • We raise traditional Cornish Cross birds as well as pasture-loving Red Rangers*. Cornish cross are the typical variety raised and sold in stores. Red Rangers tend to be slightly thinner, with smaller breasts and more dark meat. They are becoming very popular with chefs around the region. Typical weights are between 3 and 5 pounds. Prices are $5.50 per pound for Cornish and $6.00 per pound for Red Rangers. All of our chickens are pasture-raised and fed a diet of organic grain and organically grown garden scraps. Update: Red Rangers are currently sold out and will not be available until August. Chickens ordered online can be picked up the Wednesday after ordering at Fairhaven Farmers Market. To reserve a chicken, a $10 deposit is required. The balance will be collected at the market. Reservations are not required, but will guarantee you a chicken on Wednesday. Chickens that are not reserved will be sold on a first come-first served basis. Reservations must be received by 6PM the Tuesday evening before the Wednesday Market. *Chickens ordered online can be picked up at the Wednesday Market in Fairhaven.
  • 6 dozen minimum purchase required for delivery ($36.00 minimum order) Wild Acres egg delivery delivers to homes, offices, departments, non-profit organizations, schools, and churches. Where would you like your eggs delivered? Do you want eggs delivered directly to your home or office? Sign up for Wild Acres egg delivery service. Combine your weekly egg order with friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers to order at least 6 dozen eggs per week, you will not only receive the discount price of $6 per dozen, but I will also deliver them to your home, office, or other gathering place in Bellingham weekly. This is great for office co-workers or University departments, or a good way for families to join together for savings on happy healthy eggs.  Chickens also available for delivery.